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12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

Sunday, June 14th 06/14/2015 in Quebec City, United Kingdom

The goal of ICEF12 is to exchange new scientific knowledge of food engineering and to promote the interaction between professionals from academia and industry. The Congress will explore new paths for innovations in a rapidly changing food sector. ICEF12 will address questions relat... Read more

2 day(s) left
Engineering Food

11th AAGL International Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery in Conjunction with ..

Tuesday, June 16th 06/16/2015 in Jerusalem, Israel

The 11th AAGL International Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery will offer gynecologists, residents, students, OR nurses and medical companies many opportunities for discussion and debate on new medical and scientific information, treatments and innovations in the f... Read more

4 day(s) left

Euro Women Health Care and Fitness Summit

Tuesday, June 16th 06/16/2015 in Alicante, Spain

Euro Women Health care and Fitness Summit is going to be held during June 16-18, at Alicante, Spain. Women’s health is a major determinant of our nation’s health and the health of future generations. Euro Women Health Care is about all health issues that affect women. Eu... Read more

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Primary Care and Women's Health: Key Topics and Core Strategies Mediterranean Cruise

Saturday, June 20th 06/20/2015 in Venice, Italy

•Hormonal Alternatives in Managing Menopause: 2012 Guidelines from The North American Menopause Society. •Treating and Screening for STD’s: Current CDC Guidelines •Managing Abnormal Pap Smears: 2013 Guidelines from ASCCP •Endometrial Ablation�... Read more

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500 - 1000 EUR/USD

Frontiers of Cell Signaling

Sunday, June 21st 06/21/2015 in Shanghai, China

Cell signaling, which is extremely complex and yet highly precise, is responsible for the development and function of multicellular organisms. Abnormal cell signaling leads to diseases. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the mechanisms and functions of signal trans... Read more

9 day(s) left

5th International Regional "Stress and Behavior" Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference (North..

Monday, June 22nd 06/22/2015 in Miami, United States

An annual international event gathering scientists and psychiatrists from around the world to share an interest in stress-evoked brain disorders in both humans and animals.... Read more

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0 - 300 EUR/USD

MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer

Thursday, June 25th 06/25/2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark

MASCC/ISOO 2015 Annual Meeting will focus on new developments, evidence-based supportive care, challenges and modern technology in supportive cancer care. 2015 will feature an early acceptance/rejection for abstract submission, state-of-the art program and expert faculty.... Read more

13 day(s) left
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